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Net-Zero Homes

Graydon Hill features affordable Net-Zero home options.

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Net-Zero Home OptionsEnergy-Efficient, Healthy Homes

Worried about rising energy costs? Want to save money on utility bills? Want to help the earth for future generations? Landmark Homes offers affordable Net Zero options!

  • What is a Net Zero Home? A home that produces as much energy as it consumes over a year.
  • How does a Net Zero Home produce energy? In Alberta, it is typically from solar panels placed on the roof and garage roof.
  • How do you save money with a Net Zero Home? The solar panels produce electricity and the home becomes a mini power plant. If the panels generate excess power, you can sell it back to the electrical grid, which you are paid for. In times of low energy availability (i.e. shorter winter days), you can buy electricity from the grid to give your mini power plant a boost.
  • What about energy-efficiency in the rest of the house? Landmark’s Net Zero homes are 80% more energy efficient than a typical new home (i.e. an airtight home means reduced heat loss during winter).
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Ultra Efficient Heating & Cooling SystemsNew Home Buyers Love Net Zero Homes

  • Landmark Homes’ net zero homes get their heat from an air source heat pump with backup electric furnace.
  • This system, which is twice as efficient as a high efficiency gas furnace, takes in heat from the outside air to warm the home.
  • In the summer, it reverses the system to push warm air out of the house, thereby cooling the home with no air conditioning unit necessary! How “cool”!

Solar ElectricityEnergy Efficient Features

Did you know that solar panels on 10,000 Alberta homes would reduce greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to removing 100,000 vehicles off the road?

The net zero homes in Graydon Hill have solar panels covering their roofs. Not only will this help to reduce greenhouse gases in Edmonton, but will also contribute to reducing homeowners’ energy bills.

  • Extra Insulation
  • Triple Pane Windows
  • Electric Air Source Hot Water Heater
  • Drain Water Heat Recovery

Annual Eco-Solar TourFeaturing Landmark Homes’ in Graydon Hill

An Edmonton-wide Eco-Solar Tour takes place each year. The tour showcases:

  • Energy efficient technologies that are available in today’s homes.
  • New homes that are built sustainability and are also affordable.

Net Zero Homes in Graydon Hill

In 2019, Landmark Homes’ Net Zero show homes in Graydon Hill were included on the tour. Some features of Landmark Homes’ Net Zero homes are:

  • Exterior Rigid Insulation – minimizes heat loss through your exterior walls and also reduces the outside noise entering your home.
  • Triple Paned Windows – minimizes heat loss using three panes of glass with an argon filling and uses two coatings of Low-E to minimize the amount of infrared and UV light that enters through the windows.
  • Air Source Heat Pump for Heating – pulls air from outdoors and transfers it to the house, heating the household in the winter and cooling it in the summer (no need for A/C). In case of an extra cold winter day, there is a backup electric furnace.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator (HVR) – purifies the air inside the home by exchanging the stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air, without losing any heating inside the house.
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